Heather McKee

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Favourite Thing: Having the platform and opportunity to potentially help people improve their lives!




Dublin City University (2004-2008) BSc. Sports Science and Health(dissertation exercise psychology), Loughborough University MSc. Physical activity and Health( dissertation in exercise psychology)

Work History:


University of Birmingham

Current Job:

PhD researcher

Me and my work

I’m looking at the psychology behind obesity and weight loss-why people gain weight and how to prevent it.

Oscar Wilde once said ‘I can resist anything but temptation’- he, like the majority of us, understands how hard it is to stay away from the cookie jar!
Why is it that we give in to temptation so easily when presented with a delicious dessert or treat-even if we’ve just eaten? Why can’t we walk past a McDonalds without lusting after a Big Mac and chips? Why is it easier to sit on the couch and watch TV than to go running in the park? Is it simply that temptation is just too hard to resist or is it deeper than that?
With Britain now practically in an obesity epidemic, people need to start looking beyond faddy diets and towards other ways in which to tackle obesity (In fact diets have been shown to make you gain 5% more weight than what you started out with!) . We need to start getting to the root of our relationships with food and exercise in order to develop ways in which to resist temptations and start living healthier and happier lives!! My current research looks at examining ways in which to help people gain control over their unhealthy habits, learn how to re-evaluate how they see and react to temptations and ultimately help prevent obesity.

My Typical Day

Reading journals, testing in the lab and plenty cups of tea!

Reserching and reading psychology and obesity journals, meeting participants in the lab, conducting experiements related to goals and temptations.

What I'd do with the money

Invest it in commuinicating my research programme within communities and those who are in most need of intervention but have least awareness of how to go about it.

Put it into a programme that ultimatly helps those most vulnerable (e.g morbidly obese) break their destructive habits and help them take back control over their det and exercise.

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

creative, chatty, cheeky!!

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Have you heard about extreme camping? Its in tents (intense!!)